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Tamar Panossian is a graduate of Sourp Hagop Armenian School, after which she majored in psychology with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University. She is now an executive at Allagma Technologies and is one of the owners of 57Végane.

Her love for Armenian culture has prompted her to pursue vocal lessons, especially concentrating on the interpretation of folk and ashugh songs.

Tamar has contributed to the community’s musical and theatrical life through song and theatrical performances.

Her passion for Armenian folk songs has led her to vigorously research and learn about Komitas’ collected songs, focusing particularly on songs linked to Armenian customs and celebrations.

In the course of this work, she realized there was a lot of information she didn’t know about her own culture, and since there was a similar concern among other Armenian youth, she decided to share what she learned by means of vlogs. That’s how was born. was then followed by, which aims to present Armenian-born artists living in Armenia who continue to create Armenian traditional music. Through this project, she wishes to be the bridge that connects Armenia to Montreal. Tamar also presents the works of Montreal artists to the local Armenian community.