Kutane Hats Em Perum


The song has been noted by Komitas as he was visiting one of the villages in Armenia. He heard a girl singing and hid behind some trees so he could observe her without bothering her singing. The song teaches us about the way the villagers used to live and how they used to work.
In the old times, the plow was shared in the villages, since not everyone had one.

That’s why the girl sings “today the plow is ours”.



Kutane hats em perum
Yerese pats em perum
Des kez vorkan em sirum
Tsuge dabgadz em perum.

Esor kutane mern a
Maj prnoghe im hern a
Yeznaradz sheglig dghen
Ashkharh kide im dern a.

Ver gatsadz havakhosin
Kutann a varum possin
Park areve yergnkum
Shoghn a tibel agossin.

Havker tevani arek
Yaris hovani arek
Togh parag kamin petchi
Hedn el touk nani arek.


I’m going to see the plowmen
and bringing them bread.
(Addressing a boy), I love you so much
that I also bring you fried fish.

Today the plow is ours
The plower is my father
The blonde boy in front who is grazing the oxen
The whole world knows he is my lover

Up at the sound of the rooster crowing
He works the plow to the edge of the land
The rays of the bright sun in the sky
Are hitting the furrow

Birds with your wings
Make shade for my lover
Let the soft wind blow
So you can rest